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Hweithe Visionary


Combo Guide

Wave patterns: Pushing the wave and controlling the enemy is the primary job of any mid lane champion, especially a control mage. Best way to achieve this as Hwei is to spam W3+Q3.(Mana refund paired up with zoning and wave shred) Ideally we place our Q3 to touch the enemy champion as well to utilize our Arcane Comet, First strike, Scorch etc. Now as we master Hwei we get more comfortable and better at putting enemy into our Q3. We can do that by using E2 to root/zone them in or E3 to pull them into the fire. W3->Q3 W3->Q3->E3 W3->E2->Q3

Poke/Execute patterns: Poking and executing is something we do when we are already ahead or in a privileged position. Once we shove enemies under the tower or get them low we can start spamming the Sun strike combo W3+Q2. This is the best way to poke and kill enemies while refunding your mana. More complex combos involve rooting/zoning enemies into our W2 execution. W3->Q2 W3->E2->Q2

Lane Combat Patterns: Your lane bread and butter combat pattern with be your Q1. It is the most straight forward ability in your kit and it's fairly easy to hit or splash off of minions. If enemy approaches your melee minions we can self buff into the splash W3+Q1. If they are totally beyond the wave we can even begin with a fear, as long as we have clear line of sight W3+E1+Q1. W3->Q1 W3->E1->Q1

Pick patterns: Picking enemies off in the jungle will be your number one way to snowball and win the game. If you are a control mage and you are doing your job well enemies will be pushed in and have no access to the river and jungle. Their map will be dark and you will take advantage of that. Using Control wards you can make sure you are not visible while the Yellow Trinket will give you the necessary vision to execute a play. If enemies are wandering off into the dark make sure to be there and combo them. We start with self buff for maximum damage output into fear, then we drop our ultimate. W3+E1+R + Q1/2 (We will use Q1 if enemies are close and flashless, while Q2 if they are far or they flash away) W3->E1->R->Q1/Q1

Defensive patterns: Defensive patterns are employed when we have to hold our ground. Two most common cases are: getting jumped on in lane by an assassin and getting contested in the river on an objective. In the lane case (1v1 or 1v2) we will drop a shield on ourselves which is very powerful, especially early game. Then we proceed to line up our fear into chunk W2->E1->Q1 In the river case(5v5, 5v4 etc) we will use the shield as well as it's value only grows per number of team mates. Then we will use our zoning tool, the eye. If enemies step into the root we will use out full combo to destroy any chance of contesting the objective. W2->E2->R->Q1/Q2/Q3

Combo Guide

Wave Management: The central duty of a mid-lane champion, particularly a control mage like Hwei, is to manipulate the wave and control opponents. To effectively accomplish this as Hwei, prioritize spamming W3+Q3 for mana refund while zoning and shredding waves. Ideally, position Q3 to make contact with enemy champions, leveraging Arcane Comet, First Strike, Scorch, etc. As mastery grows, focus on maneuvering enemies into Q3, using E2 for zoning or rooting, or E3 to draw them into the fray. W3->Q3 W3->Q3->E3 W3->E2->Q3

Poke/Execution Tactics: Poking and executing become viable when ahead or in a favorable position. Once opponents are shoved under tower or weakened, utilize the Sun Strike combo W3+Q2 for efficient poke and kills while replenishing mana. More intricate combos involve rooting or zoning enemies with W2 execution. W3->Q2 W3->E2->Q2

Lane Combat Strategy: Your primary combat pattern in lane revolves around Q1, the most straightforward ability. It's relatively easy to hit or spread off minions. If enemies approach your melee minions, self-buff for splash damage with W3+Q1. If they're beyond the wave, initiating with a fear is viable, provided there's a clear line of sight: W3+E1+Q1. W3->Q1 W3->E1->Q1

Picking Off Enemies: Securing picks in the jungle is key to snowballing and winning. As a control mage, your effective wave control limits enemy access to the river and jungle. Exploit this advantage by using Control wards for concealment and Yellow Trinkets for essential vision. When enemies wander into the dark, capitalize with combos: self-buff for maximum damage output into fear, then execute your ultimate. W3+E1+R + Q1/2 (Q1 if enemies are close and flashless, Q2 if distant or they flash away). W3->E1->R->Q1/Q1

Defensive Maneuvers: Deploy defensive tactics when holding ground is crucial, especially when facing an assassin in lane or contending for river objectives. In a lane scenario (1v1 or 1v2), fortify with a potent self-shield early on, then line up your fear for significant damage. W2->E1->Q1 For river skirmishes (5v5, 5v4, etc.), utilize the shield's enhanced value with more allies. Employ the eye, your zoning tool. If foes step into the root, unleash your full combo to quash any contest for the objective. W2->E2->R->Q1/Q2/Q3

Mastering these core patterns will elevate your Hwei gameplay. Further refinement involves recognizing when to tweak strategies‚ÄĒlike opting for movement speed boost instead of mana refund to reach enemies with the Sun Strike W1->Q2, for instance. I'll endeavor to keep this guide updated with any significant changes.


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Tem√°tica: Tormentos
Vórtice del dolor

I like to take Arcane Comet in 99% of the matchups however in some non interactive lanes such as something like Aurelion Sol you can feel free to go First Strike

You will need Manaflow Band to deal with the intense manacosts of your wizardries.

Hwei benefits HEAVILY from ability haste so taking Transcendence is highly recommended

Unless you are playing in forbidden dark cavern elos (korea masters) I HIGHLY suggest you take Gathering Storm over Scorch, hwei's ap scalings are one of the highest in the game, making his lategame borderline Blood Lord level threat.

Secondary into assassins you may run Bone Plating Overgrowth into things like Fizz Yasuo Yone, champions that need to hard commit on you to remove boneplating

Into every other matchup you may go Cosmic Insight to lower your teleport cooldown and your survivability with flash and Magical Footwear as Hwei has THE lowest base movespeed in the game, and the extra 10 movespeed from magical footwear feels incredible.



‚úÖ Your late game prowess is akin to that of a bloodlord, rendering certain compositions, particularly heavy melee ones, ineffective. Your adept follow-up to crowd control and exceptional zoning abilities set you apart.

‚úÖ When in the fray, you embody an archmage, conjuring spells from the cosmic realm, far from resembling a silverback gorilla flinging insults.

‚ĚĆ A slight mispositioning can make you the coveted target for enemies like Olaf or Yone, whose anticipation to prey on such vulnerable wizard flesh becomes palpable.

‚úÖ Your incredible versatility stems from wielding 10 spells, allowing for unparalleled adaptability.

‚úÖ With wave-clearing capabilities comparable to Ahri, you circumvent challenging laning situations and assert dominance in mid lane priority.


Early game, your strength is lacking, so prioritize last hitting minions. Use your QQ ability, Devastating Fire, to trigger Manaflow Band, especially before leveling up. This sets up your Nami ability, Stirring Lights, for solid poke damage.

Aim for a recall at 1100 gold to grab Lost Chapter for infinite mana. Clear waves with WE or QE, then teleport back if you'll miss last hits. This is your cue to start poking your lane opponent. Landing a few spells sets you up for a potential 100-0 combo: trigger the damage amplification (Stirring Lights), follow with EE (Sett pull), guarantee your ult, and finish with Q W (Severing Bolt) for a burst. Slow enemies with QE (Molten Fissure) if they try to escape.

Remember, you're incredibly fragile. Stay alert; being caught off guard spells disaster. Your spells have great range, allowing you to aid in Baron fights from a distance. But if an enemy closes in, it's trouble for your magic-wielding self.

In the late game, your ultimate's massive AoE and slow make it invaluable. Use Rumble's Molten Fissure and E W combo, Gaze of the Abyss, to control fights. Hitting enemies with both abilities triggers your passive, dealing devastating area damage.

If a teammate sets up easy-to-anticipate CC (like a Volibear stun), follow up with Severing Bolt for incredible damage to immobilized targets.

You excel as a late-game scaling mage, reliant on ample farm to wield your immense power. Stay focused on farming and scaling; dying without teleport is a severe setback, depriving you of crucial farm time.

In team fights, prioritize positioning to an extreme. Even a slight touch from an enemy like Lulu could crumble you. Anticipate fights around objectives and arrive early, establishing a blockade to deny enemy passage.

Be cautious with your E spells; use EW (Gaze of the Abyss) judiciously, keeping it available when needed. Safeguard your midlane tower at all costs; its presence obstructs enemy jungle access, reducing your teammates' vulnerability to getting caught and elongating the game, allowing your late-game prowess to shine.

Sidelaning is risky unless you have jungle or support backup. Request the presence of your allies to join you in farming side waves, as your vulnerability makes you an easy target without additional protection. Coordinate with your "friendly gorillas" (jungler and support) for a safe venture into the side lanes.