Aurora New League of Legends Champion

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Who is the New LoL Champ?

  • As revealed in the 2024 League of Legends roadmap, Riot Games promised that players could expect a Vastayan Mage Solo Laner to drop on the Rift shortly. They could be played either Mid-Lane or Top, although Mid seems a likely choice for a Mage.
  • The PBE added new player icons and emotes labeled "AURORA," hinting at her possible name. Early teasers show magical items like scrolls, herbs, alchemy stations, and books, suggesting Aurora is the Vastayan Mage Riot Games have already promised.
  • The player icon shows a red-haired woman with a fluffy hood scribbling furiously on a notepad. The focus on her writing implies that she is a researcher with the natural ability to "see what others think is not there." As with LoL champion Hwei the Visionary, Riot Games are breaking through other gameplay avenues, which could see Aurora exploring new, un-utilized mechanics.

Aurora Release Date

  • Based on the official clues dropped by Riot Games, we can anticipate that the new League of Legends champion, Aurora, will be released in one of the upcoming patches, likely patch 14.14 or 14.15, which both drop in July.
  • She will first be available to play on the PBE at least two weeks before she goes live on official servers, giving LoL players time to get to grips with her abilities and Riot to make any final tweaks.

Aurora and Ornn Easter Egg | #LeagueOfLegends

New Ornn upgrade for the Rabadon's Deathcap (internally referred to as "Rabbitdon's"):

Item's name becomes: Witch's Hat Flavor text appended: 'Friend.' Yes, it is a funny word. Yet perhaps I understand its purpose.

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