[Patch 14.9] LoL Top 3 OP Arena Duos

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1. Veigar & Skarner

  • Veigar and Skarner can synergize well as a duo due to their crowd control and pick potential. Veigar's E provides a large area of crowd control, allowing Skarner to easily land his E and R. Skarner's Ultimate can pull enemies into the center of Veigar's E, ensuring they're trapped and susceptible to Veigar's burst damage. Furthermore, Skarner can push enemies into Veigar's E so it can make it easier to follow up the stun.

2. Morgana & Trundle

  • Morgana and Trundle can form a strong duo due to their crowd control, sustain, and synergy in fights. Morgana's Q and R provide reliable crowd control, allowing Trundle to follow up with his E to further disrupt enemies. Trundle's W get both champions increased movement speed, attack speed and healing, so with Morgana E he is enhanced during engagements. Additionally, Trundle's R can weaken enemies, making them more vulnerable to Morgana's burst damage.

3. Galio & Kayn

  • Galio and Kayn can form a potent duo due to their synergy in engaging, crowd control, and damage output. Galio's crowd control abilities, particularly his taunt, can set up Kayn for easy access to his targets. Kayn's ability to maneuver through terrain with his E allows him to position himself effectively for engagements, while Galio's R provides additional crowd control and damage to turn the tide of fights. Furthermore, Galio's tankiness and peel complement Kayn's damage-focused playstyle, allowing him to dive into fights with more confidence.