How to play KD/A Akali with 6 True Damage

Patch 13.23

Currently this strategy works with Patch 13.23, but there is a high chance the following interaction will get removed in a future patch.


Akali has a unique trait called Breakout. It allows her to swap between her KD/A and True Damage version depending on the amount of units on your board. For example if you have 3 KD/A Units with 2 True Damage units and then add Akali, she will be a part of KD/A.

You can decide Tiebreakers in your favor with the last unit placed. Just move any unit of the trait you want on your bench and back on the board. If you had an equal amount of units you get to decide which trait she receives.

The Baddest vs Three Point Strike

Swapping Akali isn't only important because of her traits, but it also completely changes her Ability. KD/A Akali will dash to the farthest enemy, marking them and dealing damage to every unit in her path. If a marked unit survives, she will dash through them before going on her next target. This ability is amazing in conjuction with Karthus, who will prioritize enemy backliners, since they have taken a lot of damage from Akali already.

Three Point Strike on the hand deals damage three times split between the three closest enemies within three hexes. For each enemy that survives she also refunds some mana. She has heals 20% of the damage dealt as part of her Bling Bonus from the True Damage trait.

At this point it's no secret the KD/A Akali has a much more useful ability, since she can bypass the enemy frontline and will constantly drop aggro, while healing herself back to full, making her a menace to deal with. However this leads us to a problem, how can we play KD/A Akali in a vertical True Damage Setup?


It is in fact possible to reach a board state where you have 6 True Damage and 3 KD/A on your board, with Akali belonging to KD/A.

This is how it works:

  • First up you need 5 True Damage Units, with at least one of them as your Headliner.
  • Then you will need a True Damage Emblem (Spatula + B.F. Sword).
  • Finally you need Neeko and Lillia on your board to activate Superfan and 2 KD/A units.

Aiming for this tech only makes sense if fulfilled these requirement. In theory you don't need the True Damage Emblem, but it is highly recommended.

The Tech

  1. Move three of your True Damage units on your board, to create an equal amount of True Damage and KDA Units.
  2. Move one KD/A unit on your bench and back to the board. This should force Akali to swap into her KD/A form.
  3. Keep 3 slots on your board open and move the 3 True Damage units you removed from your board to the very left of your bench.
  4. Your True Damage units should now automatically get placed at the end of the planning phase, but Akali won't update.
  5. Give KD/A Akali a True Damage Emblem and you should have 6 True Damage with 3 KD/A.

At the start of the next round you can move your units around, that were automatically placed, to fix your positioning. While you can move and upgrade units, the moment you add or remove any unit, the setup will fall apart. Your traits will update, Akali will become part of True Damage and you have to repeat the setup.