🔴 Irelia Bug: Infinity Edge doesn't work properly in Set 11 🔴

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Irelia doesn't work properly with Spell Crit

Currently in Patch 14.10b you need to be careful about playing Irelia with Spell Crit from sources like Jeweled Lotus or Infinity Edge. While Spell Crit is required to make her ability critically strike, she is currently suffering from inverted critical strike.

This means if you reach 100% critical strike chance, her ability will show a critical strike, but the damage is in fact the same as if she has no spell crit at all. Item combinations like Infinity Edge + HoJ/Guardbreaker are therefore extremely weak and should be avoided.

If you want you can still run a single Infinity Edge, but you should avoid other sources that grant critical strike chance. Her normal auto attacks are NOT affected by this bug, this only affects her ability.

Irelia with IE and 100% Critical Strike Chance

Irelia with only Infinity Edge