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Last Minute Tips to Climb!

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Season end is nearing, which means you are probably trying to finish your climb strong. Maybe you haven't hit your ranked goal of Diamond or Masters yet. Maybe you have hit it, but you want to see how high you can push before the reset. Either way, this guide will help you hit your highest rank possible with some general tips for climbing.

In Game Changes

  • Try not to go crazy with innovation and learn a ton of new comps right now. Stick to what you know, or if that's not working, consider learning 1-2 new comps. With such little time left, it's not best to try to completely reinvent your strategy
  • SLAM YOUR ITEMS. I see so many low elo players greeding 4+ item components on their benches, which leads to them taking a ton of damage and turning a game that should be a top 4 into a bot 4.
  • Don't excessively greed your econ. As long as you can still make 30 gold, level to 6 on stage 3-2. Roll when you have 3+ pairs or when you need to spike your board's power level to keep in line with the lobby. So many players are afraid of dipping below 50g at any point, and it really hurts them.
  • Focus Up: Don't leave a stream or anime playing in the background. Full focus on the game, positioning every round, scouting, and working on your gameplan. How can you expect to climb if the game doesn't have your full attention?

Out of Game Changes

  • Please take a small break between each game. Stretch your legs, get some water, touch some grass. I know after an 8th, every fiber of your being wants to just queue up another game, but tilt can absolutely destroy your climb
  • Play at whatever time of day is best for you. Personally, I perform really well in the morning and afternoons, and my gameplay tends to fall off after around 10pm. Maybe you're a night owl and you're the opposite. But if you're like me, don't stay up late climbing when your brain is only working at 50%
  • Consider getting coaching: Coaches can help you see mistakes that you would never catch on your own. If you feel stuck, it's unlikely that you're just unlucky; individual games of TFT have some luck, but put any Challenger player in a lower elo and they will easily climb back. (Self promo, join my Discord for coaching:


I hope this guide helped give a few tips to push your over the hill at the end of your climb. Remember that if at any point you realize you're focused more on climbing than having fun, you should probably take a break, since at the end of the day, we all play TFT for fun :) Good luck on the climb!