Missed Connections Sheet for Set 11

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Recent Changes: Some of the orbs changed position due to a patch

This is a very simple guide if you are playing Tier 1 Reroll and encounter the Augment "Missed Connections" in Stage 3-2.

Taking the Augments grants you a copy of each Tier 1 champion, spread out as 13 orbs on your board. The content of these orbs is not random, the same unit will always appear in the same location.

There are some scenarios where it can be useful to intentionally avoid picking up specific orbs. A small reason would be to increase the chances of the desired unit appearing in your shop, but the larger reason is simply to keep more space on your Bench when playing Reroll.

It's not a required strategy by any means, but if you are a fan of min maxing your gameplay to give yourself even the smallest advantage, then feel free to use this strategy.