[Update 2/29] Set 10 + 3.5 Mind map for EVERY COMP

See khymtft's Twitch channel

Download link


2/29: Somehow I forget to add Submit to the pit Urgot, add Akali AD flex variant, Karthus + Viego in TD Emblem flex

2/22: Clearer plan to Blademaster Yi. For set 10 separate Superfan section, brief guide to Yasuo reroll, BIG OVERHAUL for better and better view!

2/20: Add a mind map for set 3.5

2/19: Add BiS + Orrn items cheat sheet for who don't want to build a flexible arsenal

2/12: full road map of Heartsteel, separate a category for Emo

2/7: clearer plan on KDA team, small adjust other teams

2/6: Added warrior Ahri, clarify some comps, add more tips, fix typing errors


I have nothing to say more xD

As promised I share everything I have, if something need to be changed in future please come back here for update. Currently working on Multi talented portal so stay tuned!

2/29 update: only about 5, 6 comps significantly strong in multi talented portal, other comps just play normally so I think it's not necessary to list every comp again. Set 10 only last for a month so I'm not sure if everyone need the list. I apologize for who waiting for the list :<

Check out my 14.4 meta report: