Qiyana Item Interactions

What is this Guide about?

Qiyana is currently one of the best performing Legendary units in TFT, which is why it's important to fully understand her ability. There are a lot of bugs and unique interactions based on her mechanic, which will be covered by this guide.

Pentakill Emblem
Death's Defiance
Thief's Gloves

Sample & Remix

Qiyana's ability is split into two parts. The first part throws a temporary item on an allied unit, while dealing physical damage to her target and knocking the target back by one hex. This is the intended interactions against units that are carrying items.

The second part of her ability is intended to trigger against units with no items. Now she will deal a large amount of bonus true damage and knock the enemy target to the edge of the board.

If you activate True Damage and give her an item, she will also activate her Bling Bonus. This creates a permanent component if she kills a unit with the first part of her ability dealing physical damge. It is not possible for Qiyana to create a permanent component if she is dealing the bonus true damage from the second part of her ability!

Invalid Targets

The core reason why Qiyana's ability doesn't function properly has to do with the item copy part. If for any reasons she is not able to copy an item, she will always prioritize the second part of her ability, which deals a large amount of true damage.

This is why sometimes you will see a Qiyana randomly one shotting the enemy Carry or Tank, even though they clearly have items. There are multiple reasons why this interaction can occur.

Invalid Items

The main culprits causing Qiyana to prioritize the second part of her ability are:

  • Ornn Artifacts
  • Radiant Items
  • Craftable or Elusive Emblems

Qiyana is not allowed to copy any of these items, so her ability will deal the bonus true damage. Sometimes it can be enough for a unit to have two normal items and one Artifact and if you win the 1/3 chance, then she will deal the bonus true damage damage.

This also currently makes her the perfect counter to the Augment "What the Forge", since every single target is invalid from her point of view and she can effectively one shot the enemy team.

Invalid Fights

Outside the enemy items, there are two more reasons why Qiyana will sometimes deal her bonus damage.

  1. Your own team doesn't have an item slot available anymore
  2. She is part of a Ghost Army and can't copy any items

For example, if the only remaining units from your board are units that are fully itemized, then it's not possible for Qiyana to create a temporary item. You could even create a scenario where you give every unit a Thief's Gloves to achieve this state faster.

Final Verdict

It is unclear how much of Qiyana is currently intended. Riot will never allow her to copy Artifacts or Radiant Items, so her swapping to the true damage part of her ability makes sense and is likely intended. For you as a player you need to be careful about placing your main tank in front of Qiyana if the tank has any invalid items. Otherwise you might see your tank get pushed to your backline and the enemy team has an easy time cleaning up your board.