Set 12 Champion Pool Size and Odds

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When it comes to mastering Teamfight Tactics (TFT), understanding the intricacies of building your team is crucial. However, there's a hidden rule in TFT that isn't explicitly communicated in the game: unit pools.

In simple terms, there isn't an infinite number of copies of units in the game. So, if many players have certain units like Irelia on their boards, your chances of finding one decrease significantly.

Imagine each game as having a massive bag containing all the copies of units in the game. When a player rolls their shop, they randomly draw five copies of units from this shared pool, which is distributed among the eight players.


The number of available copies of units varies based on their tier. There are:

  • 30 copies of each Tier 1 unit,
  • 25 copies for Tier 2,
  • 18 for Tier 3,
  • 10 for Tier 4,
  • 9 for Tier 5.

So, if three players have a two-star Irelia, all nine copies of Irelia are already in play, making it impossible for you to find one.



The probability of getting champions of different tiers depends on your level at the time of rolling. For instance, if you're level 6, you have a 30% chance of getting a Tier 1 unit, 40% for Tier 2, 25% for Tier 3, and 5% for Tier 4.

Understanding this information is crucial because if multiple players are aiming for the same composition as you, statistically, your chances of finding the units you need for your team decrease. Therefore, it's essential to be mindful and consider exploring alternative compositions when this happens.

By grasping the concept of unit pools in TFT, you can adapt your strategy more effectively and increase your chances of success in each game.

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