🔴 Set 11 Reaper Bug grants free Spell Crit 🔴

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How does it work?

Currently in patch 14.12 the Reaper trait still has a noteworthy bug, that is quite easy to utilize. Here is how it works:

  • Place two Reaper units on the board, for example Kindred and Khazix
  • Remove one of the Reaper units
  • If the enemy visits your board, your remaining Reaper unit will still receive Spell Crit
  • If you visit the enemy board, the traits properly update and nothing will happen

In short, you can occasionally grant a single Reaper unit Spell Crit, though the unit won't receive the 20% bonus critical strike chance. If the Reaper unit already has IE/JG, then it will simply receive an additional 10% critical strike damage.

Is this allowed?

This Bug is currently allowed even in official TFT tournaments, because it has a fairly low impact and players unknowingly trigger this bug constantly by making board changes.

Your best use case is to simply keep a Khazix on your bench and grant your Kindred Spell Crit every round in a Fated/Dryad setup to slightly strengthen your board.