Billy Kid Build 🔫 ⋅˚₊‧ ୨୧ ‧₊˚ Zenless Zone Zero

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Helloo Proxy let's start with our first character infographics, I'll start with one of my favorite characters Billy Kid (I'm working on the others and will slowly add them).

So if you don't know how to build him and want to know, some more information about his kit, read this post!

⭐Build Card⭐

Billy is a Physical type Agent specialized in attack, with his guns he can hit enemies while remaining at a safe distance. As the Main DPS of the team you will have to focus on statistics such as **ATK **and Crits.



Thanks to his Core Skill, our funny agent can increase the damage of his shots. (to do this, hold down the attack button) In this way you will be able to get the maximum of his damage. .



Agents who work well with Billy are Nicole and Anby and together with them Billy will activate his Additional Ability.

You can replace Anby with another Agent specialized in stun such as: Von and Koleda.


Or you can opt for an Agent specializing in defense like Ben



There are several Bangboos that you can use, the one that is probably most common to find is Bag***

Bagboo: Does physical damage, When there is at least 1 Attack character in your squad: Bangboo Chain Attack DMG increases.

**Avocaboo: **recovers the Agents' HP

If you were luckier you can choose Amillion class S

**Armillion: **Does physical damage and if there are two Agents from the Cunning Hares faction on the team, Bangboo Chain Attack - DMG is increases.


Are you enjoying zzz? Hope this can help you, take care 💛