Things to know before starting

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The long-awaited ZZZ has finally arrived and in this guide you will find all the things you need to know to start this new adventure in the best possible way!

→ Basic Tips

As in all titles of this genre it is very important to follow the main mission, to increase the level and unlock all the features of the game.

The Main Missions are the ones with the red exclamation mark. Furthermore, by leveling up you will be able to redeem rewards for your pulls


Do the daily quests, because in addition to giving you rewards they will help you increase your level.


Consume your battery as soon as possible, choose two/three agents and build materials for them.

You can do it here:



Don't level up all your characters or you'll run out of resources

Choose a team and focus your resources on that (for the moment)

→ City Shop

There are several shops around the city



Here you can play retro games alone or with friends and unlock some achievements


Here you can buy various Materials to increase the level of your characters and more, the shop resets every Monday


Gadget Store

Here you can buy or recycle W-EnginesHere you can buy or recycle W-Engines

W-Engines are weapons for your Agents that will allow them to increase their statistics and take advantage of useful passives for their kit.


Remodelling Shop

Enzo is waiting for you in his shop to strengthen your Bangboo friends, little assistants who will follow you in the challenges. When you find a Bangboo in the banner go to him to upgrade your little friend.

→ City Shop

to do everyday


Noodles Shop

Eat noodles to gain buffs, lasting 3 battles. Try to always do this because these buffs will help you manage the Agents' performances.

At the beginning you will only be able to buy this type of Noodles and you will unlock others at level 20 and level 30.

Coffee Shop

Have a delicious cup of coffee to recharge your batteries (The ones you need for farming)

Remember to do this every day



This dog with trendy nails will give you the news of the day and a card with daily random rewards.


Your shop

Remember to talk to Bangboo 18 every day to see how your store's sales are going. Choose a promoter and cassettes, you can see the type requested by customers below. You can use the filter function at the top right to search for the required genres more quickly.

Officer Mewmew

It is not a shop but a kitten that will give us various rewards by doing quests around the city



This interface is the hub of missions on ZZZ, Here you will have to do different challenges to finish the story missions and the missions that you will take from the Internet-Knot.



With this device you will be able to train with the agents for different modes, it is very important to do so both to better understand some dynamics and for the rewards. Rewards will give you money, Polychrome (for pulls) and ascension materials for your agent skills.

There are so many things to say but I tried to list the simplest ones to help you know how to get around the city and things to do every day. I will make more detailed guides on some game modes later. Are you enjoying zzz? Hope this can help you, take care 🩷