Tier List and Best Characters | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

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Overall List

Tier 0

  • Ellen is a strong Attack-unit with high mobility and strong Normal Attack damage. Ellen can easily move away from enemies when she holds down the Dodge button.

  • Rina is an execellent Support unit who can increase your team's PEN Ratio, a stat that ignores enemy DEF. While Rina is best used in a Shock-centric team, her buffs are versatile enough to be used effectively in other teams.

  • Lycaon is a powerful Stun unit who specializes in dealing tons of Daze with his Basic Attacks. Lycaon can be used well on any team as their Stun unit, but he excels on Ice teams thanks to his Ice RES shred.

Tier 1

  • Grace is a strong and mobile Anomaly unit who specializes in dealing damage through Shock. Enemies affected with Shock can take damage even if Grace isn't active, so she can be used with an Attack unit to deal the most amount of damage possible.

  • Koleda is a great Stun unit who can deal a lot of Daze DMG and increase the party's Chain Attack DMG on stunned enemies. Koleda becomes a lot stronger if Ben is on the team.

  • Soukaku is a versatile Support unit who can make other units stronger with her ATK buff. Soukaku is especially useful in Ice-centric teams with her Ice DMG buffs and strong Freezing capability.

  • Lucy is a great Support unit who can deal off-field damage with her guard boar summons. Lucy's Guard Boars can provide ATK buffs to the party after they trigger an explosion.


Tier 2

  • Nekomata is a strong AoE Attack unit with quick attacks and high mobility. Nekomata excels against multiple weak enemies and can easily take them down with her Dodge Counter and Ultimate.

  • Soldier 11 is a solid Fire Attack unit who is easy to use and can deal a lot of damage especially against Stunned enemies. Activating Fire Suppression through Soldier 11's EX Special Attack or Chain attack will increase her Basic and Dash Attack DMG.

  • Piper is an Anomaly unit who can increase her own Anomaly Buildup with her EX Special Attack and Ultimate. Piper can increase the party's DMG when she has accumulated enough Power stracks, although this will be tedious to build up.

  • Anby is a free Stun unit who can deal a ton of Daze damage with her Special Attack. You will have to use Anby's Special Attack after the third hit of Anby's Basic Attack to deal the maximum amount of Daze.

  • Nicole is a free Support unit that can gather enemies with her EX Special Attack and can reduce DEF with her enhanced Basic and Dash Attacks. Nicole is very useful against small enemies, but may struggle against heavier enemies.

  • Anton is a strong A-Rank Attack unit that can deal multiple hits with his Basic Attacks during Burst Mode. Anton will deal more damage against enemies affected with Shock.

Tier 3

  • Ben is a Defense unit who can provide shields with his EX Special Attack. While his slow attack speed is underwhelming, he can help you survive tough boss fights and is especially useful on teams with Koleda.

Tier 4

  • Billy is a free Attack unit who can deal a decent amount of damage at a distance. While Billy is a safe DPS since his attacks are ranged, he has limited AoE options, so he may struggle against multiple enemies.

  • Corin is an Attack unit who can deal a ton of damage when an enemy is stunned. Corin is best used on single-targets due to her lack of AoE.