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Hey there, I'm Slut_Dragon—self-taught TFT aficionado and strategy guru. I'm all about diving deep into the game, constantly cooking up new comps and scouring the web for the latest tactics to share with you. Whether it's solo queue or double up, I'm in it to win it, boasting some serious high elo chops in both modes. And hey, I even penned a Double Up guide that's been making waves among the TFT community. Pretty cool, huh?

You'll often find me glued to my PC, digging through data and perfecting my craft. I'm all about bringing you the most cutting-edge strategies and insights, because let's face it, there's always room to level up in TFT. Need a hand with anything TFT-related? Feel free to reach out to me personally—I'm here to help you crush the competition and reach your TFT goals!

🚀 So, if you're ready to take your game to the next level, join me on this journey to TFT greatness. Let's rise through the ranks together!